Indian Solution to Global Problem: Receptol Oral Spray Shield for Corona Virus

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   Receptol Oral Spray for Corona Virus Treatment and Prevention

Receptol ® – 21st Century Scientific Innovation (Clinically Proven Globally Patented Natural Vaccine for COVID-19) Pawan Saharan, MS, Ph.D.(West Virginia/Stanford),, +91-8291084108 RECEPTOL®, made from mother’s 1st milk /bovine colostrum has nano informational peptides that help people lead longer & healthier lives by naturally building the body’s own immune system, aiding in prevention & cure of all communicable & immunity diseases along with sustainable malnutrition eradication for bottom of the pyramid segment globally.

RECEPTOL® was discovered by Dr. Pawan Saharan with the help of an eminent group of scientists including, father of AI, Prof. Joseph Weizenbaum, MIT & two time Nobel Prize winner late Dr. George Wald, over 18 years of research & development & INR 120 mn funding by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India.

RECEPTOL® is a safe, natural and globally tested (with 12 years efficacy data) vaccine like nutritional supplement that modulates production of IL-1 to IL-11, TNF-α, INF–γ by stimulus from Pituitary gland in the brain via crossing Blood-Brain Barrier to ensure all viral infections killed with no side effects and can be used from the age 0 to 100 by both sex groups.

Mode of Action drastically differs from other treatments/vaccines proposed via emergency short term approval for GiLead, Pfizer, Madona, Oxford Astra Zeneca, Sputnik, Indian proposed vaccines since it blocks entry of all viruses & augments immunomodulation. RECEPTOL® exposes the patient's immune system to the memory cells of a health threat, whether foreign or native, and the knowledge of how to best respond to protect itself via building body's own immune system naturally like a new born baby is protected.

Ms. Emma Wembley, Chairman & CEO GSK worldwide via her US, UK & India team conducted 3 years long efficacy & safety due diligence along with Market Research via IPSOS, USA on 800 families from India, UK & USA with ITP score of 97-100% for two concepts that respondents liked and were ready to pay for RECEPTOL® both on standalone basis & as an additive via add on separate sachets.

We propose to use 21st Century Nanotechnology Innovation Receptol in improving health and wellbeing of 8 billion people by marketing & distribution of 8 different formulations viz. oral gargle, MMS, powder & liquid sachets. Projected revenue US$ 1.45 billion globally with PAT EBITDA US$ 566 million, based on real time market research for US$2mn cost conducted by IPSOS USA by GSK whose data along with efficacy & safety study done by Biomix/GSK.

IRMA, Anand, Gujarat also conducted another study market research on the product for all communicable disease (includes COVID-19) suggesting great demand since it can save millions of lives and prevent Covid pandemic which is going to be there despite various vaccines due to change in the strains of the virus per published global safety & efficacy clinical studies on 25,301 human subjects with Acute and Subacute Toxicology studies done by National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad extensively.

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Health for all, via affordable & effective healthcare for the world


Develop & manufacture cost effective safe natural product for prevention & treatment of life threatening diseases & immune disorders.


Our health is directly influenced by our immune system. A balanced and healthy immune system is of utmost importance for our body's ability to defend against infections. WHO proclaimed “It is our ability to create a healthy immune system that represents the greatest potential for gains in human Therefore, creating a healthy immune system via Mother’s 1st Milk: Colostrum & its derivatives harnesses maximum benefit towards human health”

"Receptol is the perfect blend of Ayurvedic and modern day science. Like Ayurvedas, Receptol itself provides holistic healthcare solution. Since this innovative product is prepared from 'Piyusha' (Colostrum), mothers first milk, it provides immunity for life. The roots of our product lie in the ancient science of Ayurvedas."

Receptol - An Answer to Covid -19 with 46 references.

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We had supplied Receptol at Mumbai International Airport during Swine Flu Pandemic during 2009 - 2010 under the MIAL agreement.
Receptol was also kept at Falguni Pathak's Dandia show in Mumbai, to Prevent Swine Flu from Spreding