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Develop & manufacture cost effective safe natural product for prevention & treatment of life threatening diseases & immune disorders.


Our health is directly influenced by our immune system. A balanced and healthy immune system is of utmost importance for our body's ability to defend against infections. WHO proclaimed “It is our ability to create a healthy immune system that represents the greatest potential for gains in human Therefore, creating a healthy immune system via Mother’s 1st Milk: Colostrum & its derivatives harnesses maximum benefit towards human health”

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"Receptol is the perfect blend of Ayurvedic and modern day science. Like Ayurvedas, Receptol itself provides holistic healthcare solution. Since this innovative product is prepared from 'Piyusha' (Colostrum), mothers first milk, it provides immunity for life. The roots of our product lie in the ancient science of Ayurvedas."

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Over 3 million people in India suffer from HIV & TB
We had supplied Receptol at Mumbai International Airport during Swine Flu Pandemic during 2009 - 2010 under the MIAL agreement.
Receptol was also kept at Falguni Pathak's Dandia show in Mumbai, to Prevent Swine Flu from Spreding